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October 27, 2010

coin, c.225-212; (Kunsthistorisches Museum, Wien)
I am Janus

I have two faces

one in the past

and one in new places

I am in between, but looking at you!

I am change


transformational glue!

I am in between.

Can you see me there?

I wonder if really;

who,  what,  why,  and  where?

If you think you’ve coined me

you’re doing it wrong

flip that coin again

because I’ve moved on.

I am not a thing, I’m an action

I go

I see where you really had thought I was though

I’ve got eyes behind me.

Hello to you there!

You have caught a glimpse.

Well that isn’t fair.

If you go someplace new I am there with you.

I invite you to walk, run, jump, or skip through.

If you look at me, we will move forward

see where you’ve been and keep moving toward.

If I look at you, and you feel stuck

I understand you are in a rut.

You’re struggling there.

You want to stand still.

You are conflicted and caught in the mill.

But I say relax I will walk with thee.

We’ll move through together.

Your struggle

and me.

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